"June of Arc" - short film (2015)

I don't shoot much video. I do a bit of documentation video for a couple of corporate clients, but nothing too set-up, planned or produced. Sandbox Theatre has been one of the Twin Cities more intriguing and successful theatres here producing mainly original work for over a decade. One of my oldest friends in Minneapolis (going back to my office temping days!), actress and founding member Heather Stone has had me shooting for them from pretty early on. Sandbox specializes in collaborative new work, often deconstructing some well-known story or biography, often with an overt physicality that flirts with dance. One of their more successful works was an exploration of 1950's America and as mainly an interior monologue but not a one-person show, showed the dilemmas of that era's June Cleaver - always well-dressed and composed mother from 'Leave It To Beaver." Seeing it on stage blew me away, particularly Heather's performance with it's longing, regret, optimism and her sense of being trapped.  This was a great performance, and I really hoped it would be captured on film

It took a couple of years, but eventually a script was pared down by member, and director of this shoot, Matthew Glover, and a weekend was booked where everyone could shoot. Doing away with the other cast members and embracing the obvious theatricality of the piece we shot for one day in my blacked out studio, and the next in a high school theater.  The budget was non-existent, equipment was begged, borrowed or rented out-of-pocket (MY pocket!). I tried to have three cameras shooting, one static head-on and one on either side or her standing in the spotlight, a little bit more free-form.

The finished product is something I'm very proud of.  I know it's not the most technically accomplished photographically, but I believe Heather's performance shines and hopefully I didn't get in the way of that!  The film is a slow burn, and I think it rewards the patient viewer.

These behind-the-scenes were shot by Sandbox's Danielle Siver