Market Watch Magazine

Market Watch magazine is a wine and spirits trade publication produced by M. Shanken Communications that commissioned me this summer to photograph two Minnesota liquor stores, France 44 in Minneapolis, and Coburn's in St. Cloud, MN.  Having photographed for Market Watch before, I knew I would have some interesting challenges in shooting in a liquor store setting.  Tight, tight aisle spaces where, if you back up too far or are careless with your equipment, you can easily brake several hundred dollars of merchandise!  Mixed lighting with fluorescent bulbs, daylight streaming in and tungsten-based display lighting all adding up to a twisty knot of color balance conflicts.  Extension-cords needing to be taped down so no one trips, while allowing customers to go unimpeded down the aisles.  And where, oh where do I shoot the damn portrait?  Oy vey, it gets rough.  Fortunately, Rick Anderson at France 44 and the gentlemen at Coburn's couldn't have been more agreeable or accommodating!