Food and Beverage for Delta SKY

Drinks Overhead

Over the last three years or so, I've been blessed to shoot several assignments for the creative team behind the Delta SKY in-flight magazine.  Geoff Kinsey, Kelsey Head and Amy Ballinger have all given me some really fun, challenging assignments over that time and I thank them!  This particular shot is running in the current April edition of the SKY magazine.


The Ramen shot was done on-location at an amazing Minneapolis restaurant, Obento-ya.  We had about two hours to set up and shoot at a table in the corner, between the end of lunch and their early dinner reservations.


The idea of the Growler renaissance strikes me as a bit "Portlandia."  Full disclosure, I was hoping for more beer growlers for my own sampling purposes.


The original idea was to echo the Japanese flag with the white cloth and red bowl in the center.  We photographed four different styles of noodle and then quartered and comped them together into one full, delicious bowl.  I really love how this turned out.