MN Municipal Power/Avant Energy Annual Report


This last summer, 2013, I was contracted by the MN Municipal Power Agency/Avant Energy to shoot landscapes of some of their facilities in out-state Minnesota.  I've always been a fan of the industrial photography from the first half of the 20th century, particularly the work of Charles Sheeler, so I was really looking forward to this particular challenge.  As I don't ordinarily shoot this type of work, I made sure that I gave myself plenty of time to get the images. I went back to some of these locations multiple times, braving ticks and bad coffee, in order to get better light and weather, time-of day, etc.  I photographed four facilities through out the state and it was surprisingly and pleasantly meditative to be in a remote location with no other human around, surrounded by huge feats of engineering.  Well, I was shadowed at one point by a curious beaver. It was actually eerie: there was a woods behind me and as I was shooting, a gust of wind whipped through the trees and made a sound like a low ghostly moan.  I turned around expecting to see the Smoke Monster from "Lost" coming at me, but no, just this handsome chap.