Science Museum of MN Annual Report photos

The Science Museum of Minnesota has been a Twin Cities institution since 1907, and I've been thrilled to occasionally shoot projects for them the last few years.  As I am a terrible updater/blogger, I've neglected to post any of the photography I did for their last annual report. With a minimal budget and volunteer talent (including my assistant!), what could we do to get a simple, fun graphic image to convey the fun and unexpected discoveries of science?  Graphic designer Bettina Dehnhard came up with the idea of using colored diodes and light trails to make it happen (she can be seen with SMMN graphic designer Nicole Suek working those lights!).

The Museum also needed an image of their president at the time, Dr. Eric Jolly, for a page discussing their fantastic Blue Morpho Butterfly exhibit. I really like this shot, it's super simple I know, but it's just sweet.  The good doctor and I had to be very patient and gentle while handling the butterflies, it became very calming and a bit meditative.