A tree grows in North Minneapolis

scrapyard I'm set to begin some new work on my North Minneapolis project (the first phase - the Polaroid work - will be appearing on my website soon). The new work is more portraiture then landscape, but my interest in pushing on with a new stage of this work started with this shot. It might be fairly prosaic (in fact I've thought that would be a great curated group show: "Prosaic, MN" - but how many pictures of Mini-Donuts stands, VFW's & farm-town parades can you stomach?), but there is something in this I like and that interests me. It's a block from my studio in the industrial part of North Minneapolis, right by the Mississippi River. There is a fairly new, for lack of a better term, metal crunching machine that was built and now there is an ever evolving mountain of scrap. I'm curious to see what it will look like after our first good snowstorm!