Fast Co. Magazine - March 2012

I was driving back to my studio one late afternoon when my phone rang and a voice from the past was on the other end. It was Leslie Dela Vega, the photo editor at one of my favorite magazines, Fast Co. She previously worked at Time Magazine, and was my contact while I photographed the Sarah Palin cover for them. She asked if I remembered her, and of course I did. After all, she gave me my 15 minutes of semi-local obscure fame! Fast Co. needed a portrait of Michael Jones, the Chief Intelligence Officer for the National Marrow Donor Program. After scouting two locations affiliated with the National Marrow Donor Program, it was decided to shoot at their lab, with Mr. Jones in that environment. The main two set-ups were of him with a microscope & with blood samples (in this case, my own concoction of chocolate syrup, red dye and corn syrup). It's interesting that what you think is a pretty straight-forward shot can quickly become knotted up. The lab really wanted him to be wearing a lab-coat, which would have killed everything nice about the shot. So some very delicate negotiations ensued and gloves were all that needed to be worn in the end (which I liked!).